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And another useless fax app.

Didn’t accept my pdf. Useless.

app closes when trying to start a new fax

This app has worked well for me in the past but now it closes whenever I click on New Fax.

MUCH easier than the old version

I’d used iFax a few times in the past, but the UI was a little clunky. It worked, but wasn’t the most user-friendly experience. Just installed the newest version onto my laptop to send a fax, and was pleased to see a new UI. The experience is much smoother, more streamlined. Frankly, I just wish more places would ditch fax technology and accept email copies of documents. Until that happens, this app is a winner for bridging the gap.

Great app but hyperactive on the updates

Nicely done app. Simple and easy to use. Should be 5 starts but giving it for because since v3.0 it seems like there’s an update at least once per week. No details on what the udpates do but it’s annoying and I suspect unnecessary.


Ditch the fax maxhine and cancel your landline, this app is so easy to use! Fill in the cover sheet, attach your doc’s of PDF’s and send, its just that easy. With several options for fees, there is a price point for everyone. Get your own fax number to receive faxes. Exceptional app!

Can’t buy credits…don’t know why

I downloaded the app, then tried to buy a credit pack; selected the $2.99 pack. The little spinning wheel in the center of the screen spins for a while, the stops. No credits purchased. Useless program if you can’t buy credits to pay for a faxed page.

Latest version 3.9.15 TERRIBLE!

I thought version updates were to improve a product. Previous versions allowed one to use previous faxes to a specific recipient as a template, changing the attachments as needed. Say goodbye to all that! Now you have to start all over.

Great app but does not offer Turkish fax-number

Even tough the apps introduction says that Turkey is included, it actually is just included in order to sent faxes to. Within the circumstance of wanting to purchase a fix fax number in order to be able to get faxes with a Turkish code number, this is not facilitated. Yet the system (even tough a bit costly in comparaison with normal fax) works great and flawlessly. All in all the app and its use are easy and comprehensible and it is indeed a good alternative to a real fax-machine especially by doing economy of space, ink and paper if one can afford it instead. LOVE & PEACE

works straightforward

I don’t have a lot of other fax apps to compare this to. Its been a decade since I did. I have used this app a few times in muntiple cities without any problems. I like that it has templates for coversheets and that it keeps a log of all the past faxes.

What Happened?

This new version is totally borked! I can’t copy and revise text I previously sent. It limits my characters on the cover page and either crashes or gives me errors. It used to work! Now it doesn’t. This is awful.

For Mac version 3.9. Beware of blank cover pages.

The good: Ifax works pretty well and is fairly intuitive. The pricing structure is not bad for ala carte fax sending. Word of warning: Buy your credits before you send a fax, or your cover page will be sent blank. Somehow the cover page loses it’s text during the credit purchase process. When you have sufficient credits, the entire fax sends fine. The bad: your sent faxes don’t sync between all your devices. The iffy: Their customer service is clearly not native english speakers, which leads to form letter answers and miscommunication when they go off-script. However, they do respond within 24 hours and I did get a credit for the blank cover pages, it just took a few more interactions than desired. Tip: if you dont need a cover page, don’t send one, and you’ll save the credits/money. I’ll continue to use this app if they push out an update to correct this cover page bug.

A great application, but why stand alone?

Would like to integrate Adobe acrobat reader DC with antidote correction software and Ifax in a one touch application. Using this software from the track pad from my macbook pro would like to fax more easy. Sound complicated? Sending directly from my favorite Safari software could be great.

New Update Not Functioning

As with other posts for this version, the app no longer functions. I get the “invalid parameter” message when I push Send. Clicking nearly everywhere else causes the app to quit. When I re-open the app the fax I was trying to send shows up as a draft but clicking on it causes the app to quit. iFax has always been extremely easy to use - awaiting the bug fix.

Used to work, not anymore

I have used this application previously and have not had too many issues. Now it won’t send my 2 page fax. I get “invalid parameter” error messages and it is crashing when I click on the country of origin for the fax number and on various other activities. I’ve spent almost an hour trying to get one 2 page fax sent unsuccessfully. I gave it two stars because it used to work. I have lots of unused credits for an app that doesn’t work. Time to find another application for faxing.

Nice idea that does not work

I bought the app and bought credits because I wanted an app that could send, but not receive faxes. I tried to use it twice and it did not work for different reasons. In 2016 I tried to send a fax and the app could not find the ample credits I bought, so I bought additional credits to get the fax sent. I complained and they found the credits and added them to the account, but did not refund the more expensive credits I was forced to buy. Recently I needed to send a more lengthy fax. This was during the period when there was a new update every day. When I tried to open the app, the app failed to open. I contacted customer service. There were a number of time wasting questions and finally they, on June 30, asked for my log in ID, which I gave them, and since them they have gone silent. There are other similar apps available in the app store that work perfectly first time. So, I have an app that does not work and credits that I cant not use or even access

Does not always work...

I had successfully sent faxes to a particular fax number, 1 page, 7 pages, etc., with iFax. When I tried to sent an 11 page fax to the same number, I received an “Invalid Fax number” error message. I tried to resend, but continued to get the same error message. Yet, if I tried to send 1 page to the same number, it worked. I send an email to their customer support, but received no help except a message back saying they had received my email. In the end, I had to go the local UPS Store and send the fax because it was time sensitive. It cost me $10. I want my money back for the app and the credits I purchased within the app. If you purchase this app, know that it’ll only work intermittently and respond with nonsensical error messages when it does not work. Also, the customer support isn’t going to help you, at least not in a timely manner if at all.

Great app, poor support

Don’t you just hate it when you need support, put in a ticket, wait the half day or so it takes to get an answer only to find out that they did not read your request and tell you via some canned response to do something that you told them in your email that you’ve already tried? Now you have to wait again because they didn’t read in the first place! Well, here is another company that does that.

Won’t open.

The new update just will NOT open the application!

This Company is a SCAM

I cancelled my yearly iFax service this year and asked for a refund. My renewal was through PayPal, but the app was downloaded through the App Store. The company replied and laid out the steps for ME to issue THEM a refund through MY PayPal. When I explained this to them, they stated that they cannot control PayPal and cannot help me. I use PayPal for my business as well, and this is not how any of this works. This app is run by scammers- DO NOT USE

False Advertising

Stated at the beginning that you could send a one time fax for free. Went through the process and at the end… GOTCHA… asked for payment. Deceptive, would not recommend

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